Interested in using a dedicated hosting server? Here are the best dedicated web hosting service providers in Canada!


The dedicated hosting servers are like the Cadillac of the web hosting world. A dedicated hosting server is yours, you can configure it and install anything you like.

There are a lot of businesses and individuals who may want to consider shared web hosting company instead, but in some situations, a shared hosting is not the best option.

A shared hosting is an affordable way to establish an online presence. However, there are 3 reasons why you would want something else, a dedicated web hosting maybe?

  • Ability to install applications – One of the reasons why you shouldn’t consider a shared web hosting is the desire and need to install software that is not compatible with the shared hosting environment. If the application is designed specifically to work in a shared hosting environment, that you will have no problem, but if the application is not designed to be used in such environment, you will need to upgrade the hosting account.
  • Security – If you have a sensitive data, a shared hosting is not the best option as there are so many users working on the same server.
  • Processing power – If your website gets more visitors and a high volume of traffic, is it possible that you will exceed the processor and the memory resources of the server.

The dedicated hosting allows you to decide which functions you would like to use and which you would like to assign to the web hosting facility. These functions come at an extra charge and may include routine updates, monitoring your server to make sure everything is 100% okay, backups, and etc. If your dedicated server comes with these extra services, it is a managed server.

Some of the best dedicated web hosting service providers in Canada are:

  1. CrystalTech – This company offers a large selection of managed services. The prices start at $79 per month. Many great services are offered as add-ons and the accumulate efficiently and quickly which means you should expect to pay around $200 a month.
  2. Hedgehog Hosting – This is a very good provider of managed hosting that specializes in nonprofits. It comes with a personalized service, excellent support and it is more expensive than the other hosting providers listed here.
  3. Rackspace – This hosting company is widely popular in both the nonprofit and corporate spheres. It provides reliable managed hosting servers with great support. The prices start at about $350 a month.

If you think a dedicated server is a right option for you, consider one of these great web hosting service providers!

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