What should you look for in a shared web hosting service provider? What are the best shared web hosting providers in Canada? Read and find out!


The easiest and the cheapest way to host a website, blog or ecommerce site is through a shared web hosting. When using a shared web hosting provider, your website files and information are stored on one server that also hosts other people’s websites and blogs. You all share this server together.

The shared web hosting providers allow businesses with basic web-building experience to build their website without involving the web hosting company, The business can upload their website files and data, can create email accounts, can check visitor statistics, reset passwords, and etc. without involving the team of the hosting web service. This is generally done through a control panel or via FTP.

There are lots of shared web hosting service providers in Canada, so what should you look for in a good hosting provider?

  • Ability to control passwords and files – The web hosting providers allow you to upload files to the shared web servers via FTP. There are some hosting providers that allow file control through SSH which can provide a more secure way to upload the files.
  • The right amount of bandwidth and storage per month – The website plans tend to vary on the amount of bandwidth your website is allowed per month and the amount of file storage you are assigned on the server’s hard drive. You can easily calculate the average monthly bandwidth by multiplying the number of files your website visitors are likely to access in a month with the average file size of your website.
  • Self-serve control panel – There are many web hosting providers which include a web-based control panel that allows you to control different aspects of your website. For example, this may include calculating website traffic statistics, resetting passwords, managing files without contacting the customer support.

The best shared web hosting providers in Canada are:

  1. Pair – A high-quality hosting service with a great reputation for uptime and excellent customer support. The prices are affordable, starting at $10 a month.
  2. Lunarpages – This is a large web hosting company with a number of shared web hosting options such as Windows and Linux servers. The prices are affordable and start at $7 a month.
  3. Electric Embers – A small web hosting service provides, perfect for nonprofits. The prices vary from $5 to $20 a month.

Make the right choice!

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